THREE MONTHS’ flea & tick protection, PLUS treatment against roundworm, tapeworm & ear mites, ALL in a SINGLE spot on

Felpreva® treats against:

With 1 in 2 pet owners confused by having to administer more than one parasiticide product1 and over 65% of owners preferring to give parasite protection every three months3 – Felpreva® helps to make parasite protection simple…
  • Treats and protects against fleas and ticks for 13 weeks – the longest duration of action compared to other feline endectocides
  • Treats ear mites and all major types of endoparasites in the UK – including tapeworm
  • Easy to apply spot-on formulation
  • Fewer applications – aiming to reduce the stress
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Felpreva®’s breakthrough formulation
A combination of three active ingredients:
  • NEW tigolaner treats and protects against fleas and ticks for 13 weeks
  • Well-established and trusted emodepside and praziquantel provide broad-spectrum worm treatment

A closer look at the active ingredients in Felpreva®

Combining innovative new bispyrazole class ingredient, tigolaner, with the well-established and trusted emodepside and praziquantel to provide broad-spectrum cover.


First active pharmaceutical ingredient of the bispyrazole chemical class.

Treats and protects cats against fleas and ticks for 13 weeks.

Effective against mange mite and ear mite infections in cats.

Compared to other active ingredients, tigolaner has a longer duration of action.

Tigolaner mode of action

Tigolaner molecules inhibit gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors in fleas, ticks and mites.

Receptor inhibition disrupts the parasite’s nervous system function, causing death.



Effective against larval and adult roundworm and hookworm.

Effective against adult lungworm.

Emodepside mode of action

Emodepside molecules act at the neuromuscular junctions of lungworm, roundworm and hookworm, stimulating their pre-synaptic receptors.

This causes the release of inhibitory neuropeptides into the synaptic gap, leading to paralysis and death.

Note: when treating a clinical case of lungworm, a second treatment two weeks later (using Profender) is recommended.



Trusted tapeworm ingredient.

Effective against adult tapeworm*

Praziquantel mode of action

Praziquantel molecules are rapidly adsorbed onto the surface of tapeworm, where they change the calcium permeability of the parasite’s membrane.

This results in severe damage, contraction and paralysis, disruption of metabolism, and finally parasite death.

* and immature adults of D. caninum

Felpreva® mode of action video

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